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The vGSM family of cards are supported under an extensive software framework comprised of low-level drivers, kernel-space middleware, user-space tools and an Asterisk's channel driver.

  • Linux 2.6.9 to 2.6.23 drivers based on kstreamer, provide low-level access to hardware features
  • Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4 channel driver provides wide access to the card's features
  • Comprehensive access to debugging and troubleshooting data via Asterisk's CLI:
    • Network registration status
    • Registered and adjacent cell identifications, reception levels, quality, etc..
    • SIM informations (ID, IMSI, PLMN selector, etc...)
    • Call forwarding supplementary service status
    • Call waiting supplementary service status
    • Call status
    • Call statistics
  • Control of modules via Asterisk's CLI:
    • Power-on, power-off, emergency power-off, reset
  • SMS submission and delivery implemented under Asterisk's channel driver.
  • SMS-SUBMIT available through Asterisk's Manager interface
  • SMS-DELIVER, SMS-STATUS-REPORT and CBM-DELIVER primitives are piped to an external spooler application
  • Support for ASCII, GSM and UTF-8 encoding
  • Hex, base-64 and quoted-printable transfer encoding
  • Direct delivery to the spooler without saving to the SIM (Phase 2+)
  • Access to several SMS parameters such as:
    • Service-centre selection
    • status report request
    • reply path
    • message reference
    • validity period
    • UIDL message concatenation
  • Automatic transcoding of received messages to UTF-8
  • Error codes available to the client
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