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alt vGSM



The vGSM card is a PCI adapter to make GSM network services available to the hosting system. It may be used in several applications: voice, data and SMS gateways, SMS interactive systems, remote control, etc...


  • PCI v2.2, 5V and 3.3V signaling
  • Dimensions  : 154mm x 107mm (PCB) , 164mm x 129mm including SIM holder, bracket and connectors.
  • FPGA based for greater flexibility. Firmware may be field-reprogrammed.
  • Firmware reprogramming may be disabled with a jumper for further security
  • Little-endian and Big-endian modes directly implemented in hardware

GSM Modules

  • Two or four MC55 or MC56 Siemens GSM modules
  • GSM900/PCS1800/PCS1900 bands for MC55
  • GSM850/PCS1800/PCS1900 bands for MC56
  • Phase 2/2+ compliant
  • Output power: Class 4 (2 watt) in EGSM900/EGSM850, Class 1 (1 watt) in PCS1800/PCS1900
  • Antenna connectors: 4, female SMA 50 Ω

UART Interfaces

  • One 38400 serial port for each module
  • Deep FIFOs for serials

SIM Interfaces

  • Hot swappable SIM holders
  • One holder directly connected to its respective module


  • Balanced analog audio paths automatically synchronized with system clock
  • DMA RX and TX FIFOs
  • Interrupt-less audio handling
  • Hardware A-law compander/decompander on each FIFO


  • 4 status LEDs connected one to each module

Software support

A powerful software framework supports the vGSM-II cards under Linux and Asterisk.

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